Posted on 11. August 2014 · Posted in Schmidt Consulting @en, Sponsoring @en Autor  Christopher Schmidt

On August 14-17 the first non-stop-bike-race in Switzerland lasting several days takes place, on of the biggest cycling events in Switzerland and Schmidt Consulting is part of it. Tortour starts in Schaffhausen and goes over 1000 km (and about 13000 meters of altitude difference!) around Switzerland. The finish line is at Schaffhausen again. Solo Riders and Teams will need for the race between 32 an 48 hours.

Schmidt Consulting takes part as a sponsor of “Team Schmidt Consulting” with Severin Rupp and Serge Lutz, both bankers and cycling maniacs. They decided to join the shorter race Tortour Challenge with total distance of 560 km in the northern and central part of Switzerland with start/finish in Schaffhausen – supported by the staff Christopher Schmidt, Patrick Hofmann and Martin Dürmüller.

Schmidt Consulting Team - Severin Rupp und Serge Lutz

Schmidt Consulting Team – Severin Rupp und Serge Lutz

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