Posted on 24. April 2020 · Posted in Digital Transformation, Strategie Autor  Alexander Schmidt

In the course of the Corona crisis, Schmidt Consulting supported various SMEs in the development of their digitisation strategy and its implementation. Consumer needs were evaluated according to their needs and integrated into the digitization strategy. In addition to the internal digitization of processes, the external appearance of these SMEs was a key focus.

Together with the customers, online shops were defined and set up within three weeks. With these online shops, customers can now access the entire product range and be served despite the lockdown. The shops were designed for internal process optimization in such a way that the entire customer service is linked to a CRM system and this entire merchandise management runs via the online system. The launch of the shops was accompanied by accompanying measures such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram campaigns, which were also designed and implemented by Schmidt Consulting. Already on the first day of the launch, attractive sales could be achieved, which continue to develop pleasingly.

Two examples of online shops created for our clients:

Online Beauty Shop,


Online Toy Store,