Internet / Social Media – Digital Transformation.

Without digital transformation, companies have difficult prospects for the future

Social media and digital transformation are not just buzzwords. Ttey are a fundamental part of every marketing mix. Social media and digital transformation are relevant for every company nowadays, however, the implication depends on the served market area, the chosen target groups or the products/services offered.  Based on our expertise and detailed analysis we define the potential areas for usage, create a tailored digital strategy which fits best for your needs including a clear action plan for implementation. Based on your needs we present clear use cases that fit best for your business and you could benefit from. This covers the following topics:

  • How can you activate your target groups via social media?
  • Which social media channels are relevant for your business?
  • How can you integrate and combine the defined digital strategy with your overall marketing activities (online and offline)?
  • Which communication is the best for your company to approach your target group (how, who, when, where, frequency)?
  • Which legal regulations are relevant for your business in your industry?

Our expertise and know-how has been already used in several different projects in the financial industry. The outcome allowed our clients to activate new channels for client acquisition, selling and communication. All activities have to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and  restrictions, including compliance with the intellectual property rights and limitations of product promotion in different countries. This affects all financial institutes as banks, insurances and external asset managers.

Schmidt Consulting has a proven track record of the following topics in the financial institute:

  • Strategic and organizational set-up of a so called “Social Media Competence Center” which acts as the single point of contact for a social media and social business requests for all divisions globally.
  • Product evaluation, tool selection and implementation of a  “Social Media Monitoring Solution” which allows the gathering and analysis of all relevant content on different channels (social media platforms, blogs, forums, news platforms). Such a tools allows an early detection on threats and trends of business relevant content. This is appropriate for the timely identification of developments that could threaten the existence of the company.
  • Product evaluation, tool selection and implementation of a “Social Media Compliance Tool” which allows a legally compliant communication on social media platforms as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube or Google+. This includes:
    • Set-up of approval processes before a communication will be shared with external parties
    • Clear definition and guidelines which content can be shared with the different target groups
    • Definition which regulations are relevant for the financial institutes

As an additional service we support companies in the creation of an individual web presence. We take ownership and responsibility of the requirements gathering, requirements specification, implementation and rollout planning. For the implementation we work closely with partner companies from our network, they own the required expertise from visual and technical perspective.