Strategic Marketing.

Strategic marketing – crucial for the overall strategy of the company

For a launch of new products or services a detailed planning is essential to implement the underlying strategy. Based on our experience we discovered that many companies struggle because of missing human resources to plan and implement the defined marketing strategy. Our comprehensive consulting approach answers the following questions:

  • What are clients expecting from you?
  • Which new products or services can be released or launched?
  • How can you optimize your product portfolio?
  • How much should you invest in advertising (online and online) and other marketing activities?
  • How can you increase your market share?
  • Do you have the right product segmentation?
  • How can you target and enter new markets?

These and similar questions motivate Schmidt Consulting to work with SMEs to achieve improvements in their marketing and sales performance. Together with the client, we use our modular consulting methodology to analyse existing product, market and sales activities. Market clarifications are just as much a part of our service as internal analyses and ABC product strategies.

We implement newly developed marketing strategies together with the client. In doing so, we do not shy away from a strong operational involvement in the implementation, so that the client can experience sustainable added value from our consulting.

We are convinced that you too could realise more turnover and profit with the appropriate marketing optimisation – that is what we stand for.