Business Development – Strategy.

Strategic management consulting is holistic for us

Schmidt Consulting is focusing on a comprehensive consulting approach to provide our clients maximal and sustainable value. A successful and long-term company success is our main target. The economical environment, the competition, client behaviour and market changes are all factors which we have to face in a fast changing world.

Today’s success factors can be out of focus in the near future. This requires a strategic fit, culture has to be adapted, organizational structures have to be changed and the right human resources have to be developed or hired.

Schmidt Consulting follows the concept of different modules to deliver an overall strategy for our clients. This includes the following aspects:

  • Organizational analysis (operational and organizational)
  • Market analysis (competitors, market share, positioning)
  • Resource analysis (finance, HR, operations)
  • Culture analysis (vision, leadership, management)
  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT analysis)
  • Strategic positioning and KPI’s

The goal is a clear strategy that supports the pre-defined targets to deliver competitive advantages to assure a long-term survival of your business and company. At the end of this process we will deliver a strategic business plan to assure all these targets.